Road to Vosne Romanée

Like Bob Hope, I am (almost) on the road at last.  Anne Gros wrote to say the vendange would start Saturday the 27th, so tomorrow I am off.  Eurostar and SNCF willing I hope to get to Dijon tomorrow, then Friday bus to Gevrey Chambertin and from there walk down to Vosne Romanée.  In July that stretch was my favourite, I don’t know how many times I walked it, both on the Route des Grands Crus and wandering in and out on the little paths between vineyards.  I look forward to seeing it again, ripened.  Weather reports are for unmitigated sunshine the next five days, but cool – 15 – 17 degrees C, down to about 7 at night, shiver.  Does one pack the panama or the tweed hat?

One last photo from the summer – the vineyards at my feet are Appellation Villages, I think Les Creux Baissants, and that is the village of Chambolle Musigny – I am looking north.  If you turn and carry on to the right (east) from where I am standing, the path turns south around a butte of hill, and you suddenly get a view of the Chateau du Clos de Vougeot.  But I like this view better, for some reason.  To the left there is a steep chalky cliff behind the village, to the right, looking east by northeast, is a beautiful view across the plains and acres of vines, mostly Villages, some Premier Crus.