Day 6 Thurs 2 Oct

Final farewells to Madame Gros and Anne’s team who were all working in the cave this morning, and to Anne herself, of course.  When I went to her office to collect my pay I handed her €5 and asked to keep the secateurs for souvenir.  She laughed, and took the money.  When she gave me my pay, she also gave me a bottle of her Chambolle Musigny Combe d’Orveau 2006.  I am looking forward to drinking that.

Pulled on my knapsack, said I really should have been a porter, I was in much better form for the job, with the backpack and all the walking I do.  Maybe next year.

Village and vineyards noticeably quieter today – every morning so far this week there had been a roaring of tractors and minivans heading out, which crescendoed about 8:00 am, today none of that at our end of the village.  As I walked I saw very few crews out in the vineyards.  There are still grapes to be harvested – still can’t make up my mind about La Tache, but La Romanée is still unharvested, parts of Les Grands Eschezaux, and as I walked on towards Gevrey, Les Musigny needed doing, though there was one group of vendangeurs at the foot of the hill just knocking off for lunch.

In Chambolle Musigny those village vineyards I like so well south of the village were mostly done, though again a group of vendangeurs just knocking off from working in Les Eschezaux which is the parcel at the foot of that little rising vineyard south of the village.  The Chambolle Musigny vineyards north of the village were half and half.  Ditto Morey St. Denis and Gevrey Chambertin – I could see some parcels done, but many still to go.  As I was walking between 11:00 and 14:00, it was lunchtime just as I was reaching Chambolle Musigny, so don’t know how much was underway in the latter three villages.  Certainly I could hear the unmistakeable sounds of lots of vendangeurs at lunch as I passed the various domaine buildings!

At Gevrey, took one last photo, this time looking up the hill over Mezis Chambertin towards Clos des Ruchottes at the top of the hill.  After I took the photo I doffed my pack and lay down on the stone wall to kip and soak up a last dose of Burgundian sun.