Yesterday visited Michael Ragg of Mischief and Mayhem in Aloxe Corton.  Ex-shop manager at Berry Bros and Rudd in London, he and his wife Fiona have been here about six years, and have set up as negociants.  Very pleasant visit, I wanted to learn a bit more about his business and how they set up, I am woefully ignorant on the more commercial aspects of this business, and bless him he plied me with a few samples of their wines as we chatted – a really lovely Pinot Beuron (burgundian for Pinot Gris), a nice fresh minerally Meursault and a rich Puligny Montrachet, all 2006.  They have a handsome tasting room and offer retail sales there, I would recommend a visit to anyone passing through the region.  Take a look at the Mischief and Mayhem website for the full story of the firm and their very interesting range of wines.

I asked about the conditions so far this spring, and the answer seems to be so far, so good.  April was warm, almost June like (as I can attest, see prior entry about my visit to Burgundy in April), and the vines grew very well very fast, and there has been an early budburst.  The fear of course is that a late frost could have savaged all that progress, but mercifully this year May continued spring like and June is so far being very June like.  It had been quite dry – Anne Gros had commented on this too when I saw her earlier – but there has been good rain the past week, so that should not be an issue.  It rained heavily last Friday night, there were intermittent showers Saturday and Sunday, Monday night we had a stonking orage in the late afternoon after a brilliantly warm and sunny morning and early afternoon (see my entry about being caught in the orage!), Tuesday again pretty clear and sunny with only early evening showers, and yesterday again warm and sunny till evening, and there were heavy showers over night.  Today, the meteo is for a fair day, sunny, no rain.  There have been pretty fair breezes almost every day since I arrived, but I would think the rain would offset any drying effects from those

So far, so good…

So what’s a budburst? Something like this: