Further re conditions

Yesterday as I was leaving the café where I go for my wifi connection (free internet access) I paused to look at Le Bien Public – the local newspaper.  Apparently the powers that be have declared drought restraints, and there is now a ban on commercial  watering afternoons and weekends.  The article said that May is normally the rainiest month, and they had only about three quarters of the usual rainfall, but the real problem is that there was not much snow this winter, so there has not been the melt and run off they usually experience.

Since it is forbidden to irrigate the vineyards anyway, under DOC rules, this sort of doesn’t make a difference to the viticulteurs, but as an indicator of conditions for the development and character of the harvest, something to bear in mind.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all hot and clear and sunny, Thursday really very uncomfortable, probably 30 degrees and rather heavy and humid and the sun just relentless.  Today, Friday, it has been overcast and there have been a few showers, but nothing significant. I think the meteo is for a clear and at least partially sunny weekend.

Evening walk out to the vineyards to the west, stopped to have a good look at how the grapes were coming on – quite impressed with the growth, given that budburst was only a month ago, and the grapes are already as large or larger than peppercorns.  I’m guessing I was in Beaune premier cru vineyards, Seurey or Clos de la Mousse, so pinot noir.  Neglected to bring my camera, will post a photo soon.


Monday, 22 June 2009

Weekend was cloudy off and on and cooler, but dry.  Today is brilliantly sunny, some high blindingly white clouds, about 21° and very breezy (20+ km/hr).  The meteo for the week is to continue like this with steadily rising temperatures – 28° by Friday, but always clear and strong breezes.  Not a drop of rain.

Walked out again today, herewith promised photo of grapes – these were in one of the Hospice of Beaune vineyards, Les Montrévenots, which is premier cru pinot noir, high on the hillside, on the line with Pommard.  Compare to the photo of budburst on 11 June.