Blues and what cures ‘em

23 June 2009

Too many hours spent conjugating french verbs, reading the french wine press and L’Express, plus it clouding over late afternoon, had me thoroughly blue and miserable this evening.

When in the dumps, dance.

Out comes the iPod, in go the ear phones… and, though I expect to lose my audience at this, on goes Abba.  Yes, it’s naff… but if you need to dance the blues away, it works.  And besides, I only discovered it a month or two ago, when a friend and I stayed up way too late to “not waste” a bottle of red wine and watch Mamma Mia.  I’d never heard any of it before except Dancing Queen.  What can I say, I’ve been (still am) an extremely late bloomer in every way.

After ricocheting around the room to all of Abba Gold, I figured enough of the aerobics, time for weight work (playlist includes all kinds of things – Madonna, Santana, Shakira, Tina Turner, Eurythmics, Joe Cocker, the Cars, the Rolling Stones, and various samba, mambo and afro-cuban music).  This in a space which makes real to me the concept of “no room to swing a cat.”  In lieu of dumbells, two 1.5 litre bottles filled with water.  Not so bad for bicep curls, but try doing military presses without knocking yourself out.  They aren’t heavy enough to do much for strength building, but my co-ordination is improving (ducking with every over head repetition).  The floor doesn’t bear thinking about, so I’m doing crunches on the bed, which is rock hard enough to be good for this sort of thing.  When standing and touching toes I do it so my hair falls on the bed, not the floor – again, a test of co-ordination so I don’t crack my skull on that rock hard mattress.  I can do pushups with my hands on the foot of the bed and my heels against the wall opposite – probably a 30 degree angle, not ideal but there isn’t enough floor space to do them properly, and again I can let my hair fall on the bed.  Disentangling my hair from the ear phone wires when it was all over was a challenge…

You will be relieved to know I have no pictures to document this evening’s activities (whew!!) but after all this I went for a short (two mile) loop through the vineyards to the west for a meditative cool down.  I took this picture a couple days ago, I guess you can tell which vineyard it is – and it gives you a good idea of the weather lately – try to imagine about 25° warmth and a bit of a breeze when you gaze at this.

Between dancing, exercising and the beauty and peace and quiet of a late evening circuit through the vineyards, blues banished.