I really am getting rather fond of these sudden storms.  The thunder is impressive – hard to appreciate any lightning as so often the sun is too blinding, they are often one-cloud wonders.

It has been hotter than —- the past couple days, which translates to about 30° I think, and humid and airless, no breeze.  Both yesterday afternoon and just now – about 15:00 – there has been maybe a half hour of good rumbley thunder to sort of warn you, then the sound of the rain pattering on the tree outside my window, and then an almighty downpour, and then it suddenly gets blindingly sunny whilst still raining, then it all moves off, but with the odd whack of thunder lest you think it’s all clear… but it does freshen the day slightly, I’m sure it’s dropped to 29° now…

This is hardly adequate… but… I was in my dorm room when this one hit, so the best I could do was to open the windows wide, sit on the desk, then lean out the window so I was lying on my back across the window sill to get this view of the sky overhead to the west of the edge of the cloud in question (dear reader, there is nothing I won’t do for you!).  But it isn’t the same without the thunder to accompany it.  Must work on sound files.

Really, I think only Constable was ever able to make sensible pictures of clouds.

I walked out after this, to see if maybe I could find a rainbow, but no luck – the storm had moved north, Aloxe Corton was getting it whilst I was strolling through sparkling sunny Les Teurons, but the angle of sun to rain from where I was standing wasn’t right for a rainbow, alas.