One bit of miraculous good luck at last – I am able to extricate myself from affairs in England for at least a little while and go back to Vosne Romanée to work the harvest chez Domaine Anne Gros again.  She expects to begin picking next Thursday, 10 September.

I will again keep a blog, but assuming all is like last year, I may not be able to post it until I return (or can sneak off to Nuits St. Georges or somewhere to an internet café).

Meanwhile, Anne has made some updates to the Domaine Anne Gros website, including, most helpfully, a geneological bit – if, like me, you were confused about all the various Gros domaines (lots of cousins) – this is a huge help.  Also a good table of the drinkability of her wines going back to 1988, and lots of other more general information about the domaine, viticulture, etc.

If you want to keep an eye on the meteo in Vosne Romanée visit this weather site which is excellent, I’ve even found it highly reliable for UK and Portugal weather reports too (better than the Met certainly!!)

I know I have posted this photo before, I took it last September as I walked down from Gevrey to Vosne the day before last year’s harvest, but it is a favourite image – the road to Vosne Romanée winding through the vineyards.  That would be Les Musigny and Les Petits Musigny on the immediate left on the hill above the monastery and of course the Clos de Vougeot enclosed by the wall beyond it.  Then the road is flanked by, on the left, Les Grands Échezeaux (that squarish parcel behind the round blob of tree just beyond the foot of the hill), Les Treux and Les Suchots, and on the right, Les Échezaux, Les Loachausses, Les Cruots and Les Suchots.  Where the main white road seems to end, is Romanée St. Vivant, and to the right of it, probably mostly hidden by the nearby trees, is Richebourg.  Sigh… mentally tasting some of them again as I type.