Harvest Day Two

Day began cool and overcast but sun was coming through before lunch, and after lunch we abandoned all but essential layers.  It’s getting so I can’t quite tell what’s sun tan, what’s dirt and what’s bruising on my forearms.

As we headed out, I thought it felt quieter this year – at 8:00 am you hear the roar of tractors and vans as they head out of the domains, and there are lots of people wandering around at lunch time, but whereas last year, with such a late harvest, everyone seemed to be harvesting at once, this year it seems the viticulteurs are picking and choosing their times a bit.  It may be that we are starting on a Thursday, it’s not quite so busy during the week, it may pick up with the weekend.

We did the bourgogne rouge today – there are four different parcels I think, we split up at one point, I personally was in three of them, I think the other team went off to harvest the fourth.

bourg rougeBehold bourgogne rouge grapes – big fat blowsy oversexed things.

This lot, in the first vineyard of the morning, were very tightly packed bunches, often wrapped around the wires or the vines, which made it a challenge to cut and detach without mangling.  Every time I puncture a grape and feel the juice trickling down my arm, I wonder how many euros worth of wine I just wasted.

Long day.  At the end of it, Elodie and Patrick on the sorting table:


Well I don’t know about you but I thought that was rather a dull entry – couldn’t think of anything else to say though, probably sheer exhaustion.  After writing that I went down to dinner, and it all changed.

I will spare you a detailed account of the late night at the pool tables of Dijon, except to say the Brazilian and French duo unfortunately took two out of three from the Belgian and English team, despite some rather stunning shots.

But best of all, Patrick came in for dinner with two bottles in his hand, bless…

2007 Richebourg and 2007 Clos Vougeot… how lucky can a girl get?  Both stunning wines, the Richebourg the more purely silky fruit event, though for me I do get a bit of clovey peppery note in the tannin after glow, whilst the Clos Vougeot is much more the expression of terroir, more earth and mineral and spice notes blended with the fruit in the palate.  Both just beautiful and inspiring to a knackered vendangeur.

From left to right, Brasil, England, Belgium, France.