Harvest 4 Days after Day 4

[late postings – apologies – power issues with British laptop versus French electricity, now resolved!]

Yesterday had a pleasant surprise – Jan van Roekel called and stopped in for lunch, he has been visiting various vineyards, working at some.  All indications from his many sources are that the harvest is a good one.  Elodie came in while we were chatting, and said Anne is very pleased as well – probably less than 2% of the grapes from her own vineyards were discarded from the sorting tables, so little pourriture, and so wonderfully ripe.   The harvest was compared to 2005, maybe better.

Rained over night a bit, morning foggy, walked into Nuits St. Georges to fetch gougères for breakfast, a bit eerie wandering through the vines, could only see maybe a kilometre ahead around 8:00 AM – name that vineyard if you can!!

On the way back it had lifted a bit and I could see about 3 km by 9:00.  It did finally lift altogether and turn into a warm if hazy sunny day by noon or so.

Don’t think I have mentioned, but staying in Anne’s gite are a trio of Belgians on holiday.  Well, semi-holiday.  Christian and Martine have done a couple days’ harvesting work at Domaine Lucie et August Lignier in Morey St. Denis, and today Paul and I drove up to see them at lunch time – Kellen Lignier had finished her harvest that day, and extended the invitation to the celebratory lunch to Paul, whom she knows from previous domaine visits, and Paul kindly brought me along too.

Celebrations in full swing, Kellen decked in a fabulous vine wreath on her head and huge smile, she is very pleased with her harvest.

After visiting her cellars under Castel de Tres Girard all four of us went up to Gevrey Chambertin and took a walk up along Clos St. Jacques, which had been harvested as far as I could see.  Then along the top of the hill, and down through the vineyards to the road through the combe, Les Verroilles was not yet harvested.  Driving back, could see some vendangeurs in Mazis Chambertin and elsewhere, the harvesting seems to be spread over a longer period of time this year versus last, you see a few teams each day dotted around the hillsides.

View from the top of Clos St. Jacques down to Gevrey, around 15:00 in the afternoon, you can almost feel that warm hazy sun.