Harvest Day Six

Rained overnight, and then started showering again as we went up to the Haute Côtes de Nuits vineyards, over near Concoeur.  The plateau up there dead level and an area of mixed production – vines, all the currants and raspberries and strawberries for Fruirouge, and some other fields that were ploughed up at the moment but I think are used for cereals.

We harvested like madmen in that rain, and when it stopped after about an hour, you could distinctly hear the slowdown of secateur snipping.  Again mud and weeds clinging in massive quantities to our boots – we were issued parkas and wellies before we left the domaine.  But as yesterday, it all lifted and cleared and by lunch time the sun was out and we were down to only essential layers when we finished up after lunch.

I asked whether the rain the past few days would affect the grapes much, and was told no – it had been dry enough long enough over the season and at this stage the grapes were ripe enough that the showers the past few nights and odd shower during the day would make no difference to the quality of the harvest.

And just as last year, suddenly we were all done, that was it, and I felt utterly bereft.  There is still the Haute Côtes Blanc Cuvée Marine to get in, but that won’t be ready for another week – Anne expects to harvest it next weekend, the 26th or so, but I cannot stay for that.

Soggy but slowly drying coupeurs on the haute côtes mid morning: