Harvest Postscript

Collected my pay from Anne Saturday night, and later sat staring at the euros and finding it hard to connect the dosh with the work.  Somehow the friendships formed during the harvest and the memories of events both in and out of the vineyards are a far more real and tangible reward to me than the pile of euro notes in my hands.

One note, I hope comes to the attention of the right person:  in reviewing the blog statistics the other night I found I was getting referrals from Mark Squires’ chat page on erobertparker.  To the gentleman who kindly posted the link to my blog and referred folks here – thank you!  I am not a subscriber, so was unable to email you through that site to let you know, but that was very kindly done, thank you.

Back in Old Blighty now, have already met up with Simone again at a tasting in London yesterday, and will resume trying to find permanent employment in the wine trade.  I imagine the blog will be quiet for a little while here, till I have work – or a bottle of wine! – worth recording.

I will close this little chapter with a random but pretty image – last Thursday when Paul and I went over to Morey St. Denis to meet his friends at Domaine Lucie et August Lignier, we drove on a little chemin along the top of the hill.  This view would be from the top of  Les Rouges I think, and the Chateau du Clos de Vougeot would be just offstage left.   Notice grapes not yet harvested.  Love the heat/humidity haze over the distance and the sense of hillside running down.  And the thought of all those lovely hectares (and by extension, hectolitres!) of pinot noir…