Have headed up river, today in Regua to visit the Museu do Douro, especially to see their exhibit Imagems do Vinho do Porto, Rotulos e Cartazes (labels and posters), but the whole museum was a treat.  More on that in a day or two, it’s late and I’m knackered and need to be up early tomorrow to head to the Douro Superior.

But what I really HAD to share, couldn’t sleep until I did, dear reader … I do love a really good bad pun.  I found two today.  One was at the aforementioned exhibit – sadly visitors are not allowed to take photos, so you will have to imagine a fairly old – mid-20th-century – bottle of port, a sort of fleshy pink colour label with a dim vague white sihouette of an airplane behind the words:

Fine Dry

Ouch.  Trust the wine was less painful.

And then there was this, on the wall of the tourist centre near the train station: