News Update from Porto

Faithful readers may recall the following photo and a rather wistful entry last 30 September, imagining what it might be like to live and work in Gaia in the port trade and walk down this street – the Rua Serpa Pinto – to work every day.

Well… yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  And he works over the summer, too.  I now have the pleasure of walking down this road, turning right at the end of the Warre’s building and continuing up the Travessa Barão Forrester to the offices of Symington Family Estates.  One of the Symington family found my blog last winter and liked it well enough to approach me about possibly doing some writing for them.  The upshot is, I am now collaborating with them on the Graham’s blog and Facebook page.

I have been a fan of the Graham’s blog since last autumn and have several times provided links to stories on their site, but here it is again:  Graham’s Port Blog

We are planning a steady stream of news and updates about all aspects of Graham’s, and of course  intensive coverage of the harvest period.  The biggest challenge during harvest is connectivity – as mentioned previously, Quinta dos Malvedos is set in a south-facing semi-ampitheatre of hills up to 400 metres high.  When I visited in June we had to huddle in one particular small corner of the terrace to get mobile phone reception, and I was unable to get my wireless broad band working anywhere around the house.  One of my to-do’s before harvest is to go back up there with my laptop and see if I could get reception, maybe somewhere up near the crest of the hills.  The danger of course is that my laptop could melt in the heat and sun, but we’ll figure out something … stay tuned!

And not to worry, I will continue to maintain my own blog.  Now you can appreciate why I’ve been a little quiet and distracted the past few weeks!  I have a backlog of material to write up and post, and a number of things planned over the next month or two before harvest, so stay tuned here, as well.