Up to Tua

Fire damage, near Vila Real

Drove up to Tua today, from Gaia.  Passing over the Serra do Marão we could see smoke from fires to the north of us, and passed through one area that had burned a month ago, either side of the highway, near Vila Real.  Heart breaking to see the blackened earth and rock, the trees reduced to skeletons.

On a more cheerful note, passing through Alijó, a village just northwest of Tua, saw a queue of trucks of grapes, waiting their turn at the Adega Cooperativa do Alijó.  Mostly white, only saw one truck of reddish grapes..

Am now at Quinta do Tua, where I will be based for the duration of harvest, to help feed real time news on the harvest to the blog and Facebook page for Graham’s.

Queuing to deliver grapes to the cooperativa at Alijó

Queuing to deliver grapes to the cooperativa at Alijó

I hope to be able to write a few things here over the next few weeks about the non-Graham’s quintas I will be able to visit around the Douro, and also am looking forward to having a guest writer from the Dão contributing to this page during harvest.  Stay tuned.