Another Harvest, Another Tractor

Since the 19th September I have been based at Graham’s Quinta do Tua, covering the harvest for the Graham’s blog.  Most days I am next door at Quinta dos Malvedos, at the winery, or up in the vineyards with the pickers, or else following along with Symington family members and their guests as they visit various quintas around the Douro – I hope to write about some of those visits shortly.

But best of all… One day I needed to get up to a very remote, high part of the Tua vineyards to photograph the harvest team working in one of the oldest vineyards in the property.  Easiest way to get there: on the tractor which had delivered grapes to the winery and was heading back up with a load of emptied and cleaned crates.  I had the ride of my life, thoroughly enjoyed it, crashing bumps over rocks, Douro Dust and all.  Nothing like a view of the Douro from 300 or 400 metres standing in the back of the trailer.  Shame there was no hope of taking pictures from there, but Henry Shotton, the Malvedos winemaker, kindly took this portrait before I set off.

For my previous tractor pin-up photo, see last year’s harvest in Burgundy Day Three.

4 thoughts on “Another Harvest, Another Tractor

    • Thanks Carrie – spending so much time here, now when I see photos of your vineyards I feel disoriented – no steep hills and schist! Hope your harvest is going well, beijinhos

  1. I love this, and I am VERY jealous. The oddest thing about it is reading this though are words “Graham’s Quinta do Tua”. I’ve been there so often in the past, indeed it was where I met my fellow Yorkshireman Jim Reader, but is wasn’t a Graham’s quinta then. Equally I it was a surprise last year when I went to “Sandeman’s” Q do Seixo.


    • Hello! Wondered where you’d gone to – hope all is well. Yes, Quinta do Tua has had a long and colourful history – I hope to write a bit about it in the Graham’s blog soon. Stay tuned… tonight I tread at Vesuvio for the third time and then really must write about that in here. Take care!

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