Colour and Texture in the Douro

My other loves, besides writing, are all needlework related – since I was a child I have been sewing clothing and soft furnishings as well as knitting, quilting, and embroidering.  I pretty quickly gave up on commercial patterns and by the time I was 16 I was designing and drafting the patterns for all my sewing, needlework and knitting projects myself.

As a result, I look at most things first in a concrete way – it’s a cereal packet, it’s a tree – but then my mind refocuses and goes utterly abstract and what I see is purely colour and texture, and inevitably I begin to imagine how I might use or interpret that abstract image in some kind of needlework.

I spent three weeks in the Douro for harvest – a region which is spectacular for its hills, valleys, twists, turns, rivers, rock, and vineyard terraces.   And wines, by the way.  As part of my work blogging for Graham’s Port I was taking photos constantly – for use in the blog of course, but also for me and my design files.  What follows is a gallery of some of those more abstract images – maybe they will inspire someone else, too.  Meanwhile, I shall spend the winter, between writing bouts, trying to play with some of these in my knitting and sewing projects.

Click on any tile in the mosaic below to enter a slideshow to see the images more closely.  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Colour and Texture in the Douro

  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I feel like I’m traveling with you in an odd way. Your articles are so descriptive and your photos are a wonderful compliment to your writing.

    I’m also into embroidery and needlework. Most of all, I love knitting. I’ve been at it since I was a kid and have no need for patterns. But I’m visually challenged now and I’m not doing any of those these days. Instead I’m painting when I can. I think the texture images below are interesting – thanks for sharing them.

    • Timethief, how lovely to find you here, thank you for the visit and kind words. Funny, we seem to have had similar trajectories, from needlework to the internet but still trying to maintain with that creative and spiritual side. I’ve recently picked up my knitting again, which in turn has reminded me, I had needlework related entries on my old blog site, which I wanted to put on a new site here at WordPress too, and recently I’ve had projects and “finds” I want to share in that context, as well. So much to do. And more travels around Portugal in the next few weeks, too… hope you will find time again to join me. Take care, TT.

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