No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, nor have I forgotten I have this blog…  I do have a half dozen articles half written, three of which pertain to quinta visits in November – I am deeply embarassed I haven’t gotten them polished up and posted yet.

But I did write one post for another blog.  Last spring when I moved this blog onto WordPress and began learning about this platform, I was helped many times in the peer-help forum by Timethief.  I followed the links and found two blogs which she writes, which have become favourites.

One is a fascinating, multi-faceted conscious living and wellness blog, This Time This Space.

The other is her blog about blogging – which is an amazing resource I cannot recommend highly enough, One Cool Site Blogging Tips.  The name really says it all.

I thought I’d read nearly all she’d written, but a week ago I discovered one entry I’d missed, What’s Your Paid Blogging Dream Job? I began to draft a comment and ended up writing what turned into a guest post, How a Dream Blogging Job Found Me.

Plans for 2011 on this blog:  first catch up on those three quinta visits, write more about Portuguese food which is every bit as wonderful-but-sorely-underrated at Portuguese wines have been, and continue to write about life in and travel (wine-related and otherwise) around this marvelous country.  I also plan to try a couple bi-lingual posts.

Meanwhile, to rest your eyes, one of those small sure signs it’s a new year and spring is coming:  I was in the Douro last Thursday and the almond trees were blooming – this at Graham’s Quinta do Tua.  And yes, it really is an almond tree – those two olives are on a branch from a neighbouring tree!

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

    • Good memory Gail! It is almost done – just finishing the neckline and then need to block the whole thing. Actually, all my needlework writing was part of another blog before I moved onto WordPress, and I was going to make that sweater the reason to finally re-start that blog soon, separate from this one. I’ll let you know when I do. Take care.

    • And that’s just an almond tree! Wait till you see it when the grapes are ripe! Thank you for stopping by nothingprofound, take care!

  1. I was thinking about you this evening and decided to visit and leave you a cyber hug. Thanks do much for your friendship and generosity. Publishing your story was an honor. I really appreciate the small sure signs of spring you shared above. I’ve had it with winter and I’m eagerly awaiting Spring Equinox.

    Much love,

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