On Foot

People routinely wonder at the fact I do not own a car – never have – and go pretty nearly everywhere on foot, using public transit only if distance, time constraints, or decorum require it.

Yesterday I had one of those moments that remind me why I enjoy it.  If I hadn’t been on foot, wandering down a funky little alley too narrow for any but pedestrians, I would never have seen this.

Don’t ask me, I have no clue.  But it definitely made me laugh and cheered my day.

8 thoughts on “On Foot

  1. Great picture Cynthia… I would say that this is a look into a future that no one wants, but that is coming our way very fast…

    In a short time Portugal will be like this… onlu bones and some clothe… thanks to our “beloved” governors that have been playing with our work and money…


    • Hi Vitor … I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I can understand your interpretation. A friend and I were speculating yesterday about the voter turnout and she said she wants to vote but still cannot decide for whom – there is no good choice. As a foreigner, I can only watch and hope. Beijinhos

  2. Ha! Love it! What a great find. Where I live in New York, I have to drive to most places and I absolutely hate it. When I travel abroad, I never rent a car. I love to walk and I don’t mind soaking in the culture via public transportation.

    • Dixie, thank you for the chuckle! You’re right, very S/S 2011 Burberry with all those studded jackets and trench coats. When I saw it sparkling in a shaft of sunlight my first thought was more along the Cavalli – Versace – D&G bling bling end of the spectrum!

  3. This is a terrific photo! When you look closer it seems like someone has mounted a political manifesto in their messy workshop, but the photo makes it a work of art.

    I’ve just discovered your blog and am reading my way through it. An ex-outsider (meaning I’ve lived here long enough for the town to get under my skin) in Porto myself, I’m eternally fascinated by the outsider view on places I know and love. Besides, it’s a lesson in enjoying life. Beautiful.

    • I like your description of yourself as no longer being an outsider now the town is under your skin! I think my language skills will have to improve before I reach the point of no longer feeling so outside, however much I love this place. Thank you for your comment, it’s very encouraging, as I have more of this kind of thing to come.

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