Gaia’s Newest Tasting Room

… is Quevedo Port Wine, which opened just a few weeks ago.  From the Cais de Gaia turn up Rua Afonso III – which is the one just along the eastern side of the Ramos Pinto building – you will see a stack of signposts pointing up that way for Offley and other long established tasting rooms.  This street leads to a small place with a church, Igreja Santa Marinha, and the tasting room is on your left, opposite the church.

It is a beautifully rehabilitated space, light and cool and airy.  On the ground floor there are some fun t-shirts and mugs for sale, but go upstairs for the tasting room.  Posters along one wall describe the vineyards and winemaking, posters on another wall describe the different styles of Port.  All of them are written in Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish.

There are staff on hand to answer questions about Quevedo and port wine and winemaking, and of course to assist you in selecting wines to taste or buy.  There are very modest charges for the tastings, but when I visited a week or two ago every one entering was being given a voucher for a free tasting.

Quevedo tasting roomMake yourself at home and relax and enjoy your wine at the comfortable tables and benches,   One rather nice touch is a piano in the corner… I can imagine there will be some very enjoyable evenings and events there, when Oscar comes back from his honeymoon.

To learn more about Quevedo and their wines:

Oscar’s blog is one of the best – very personal, informative, fun… reading it is like listening to Oscar speaking, and he is very enthusiastic, charismatic and of course knowledgeable.  The blog is the front page of the brand’s website, which includes a great deal of information about the vineyards, winery, and of course the wines.

I visited Oscar’s vineyards and winery at São João da Pesqueira in August last year, read my blog about it here.

Oscar Quevedo at the tasting room recently

Oscar Quevedo at the tasting room recently

Another good source for tasting notes and information on the wines is the Quevedo page of  Imagine a social networking site based on the members’ passion for wine and a desire to share tasting notes and information about great wines.  That’s, I recommend it.

Well done Oscar, and best of luck with the new tasting room.  Who do we have to petition to get Quevedo’s tasting room flagged on that signpost?

Update:  See Oscar’s own blog about the opening of the tasting room here.

6 thoughts on “Gaia’s Newest Tasting Room

  1. Yes, I had the pleasure to visit the tasting room at Oscar’s. Very Nice and informative room. Also a pianist in the corner, gave us a feeling of well- being. For sure,I Will be back another day.

    • Hi Michael, Good! Glad to know it is being discovered and enjoyed. Spread the word! I look forward to returning again myself.

    • Hii Moses! Indeed he is! I enjoy his colheitas very much. Last December I tasted a vintage port which was made solely from Quinta Vale d’Agodinho, I dont know if it was just a sample or has been commercialised, but it was fantastic, I didnt have a chance to ask about it when I visited, but will next time.

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