Not all my time in England was spent swanning about London, wining and dining in posh restaurants.  I also spent several days with friends on their farm in Surrey.

For as long as I have known her, Nina has had chickens and sold the eggs from her back door. When I visit I thoroughly enjoy helping to collect the eggs and trying to keep the chickens distracted so they didn’t get underfoot whilst Nina refills water and food bins.  This is a challenge, as the chickens are devoted and follow her all around.  It is more than just cupboard love, however, as they follow her even when she is empty handed.

I had a lot of fun watching their performance, and you can too – click into the first photo below to open it full size and scroll through the gallery, to read more and follow the chickens who follow Nina.

2 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. Viewing these pictures made me smile as they brought back such great memories of my favorite rooster “Al”. He was a handraised rooster (plymouth rock partridge bantam), who was an outstanding leader and protector of his flock. The cat and dogs respected him and worked with him to keep the hens and chicks safe when they were out during the day. Now the cat and dogs have passed on and I no longer keep poultry. Thanks for this post that triggered a trip down memory lane for me. I’m so glad you squeezed in farm visits when you were in England. All that city stuff is great fun but I’m an earthy person and I know that you are too.

    • Hello Timethief, what a pleasure to find you reading my blog! And what a nice memory, thank you for that, I can picture it. I did spend 4 days in the countryside, between two farms, one in Surrey and another north in Norfolk, but the bliss of peace, quiet, and reconnecting with a favourite close friend is not something I wanted to blog about – some experiences are still my own treasures, and not public.

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