Tractor Pin-up

Some weeks ago I was reviewing the stats on the blog, which include lists of what words or phrases people typed into search engines, that brought them into my blog.  I was utterly enchanted to find that “tractor pin-up” on a major engine will bring Wine Woman Travel within the first page of returns.

This started as a bit of a joke – whilst in Burgundy I wrote about ploughing by horse, and subsequently found a tractor, kitted out for mechanical ploughing, parked in a village, so took the opportunity to write about ploughing by tractor.  Then there was the photo of me and the Richebourg… I was teased by friends and readers, and so my tractor trend was born.  Last Douro harvest I took a ride to the top of the quinta in one of our tractors, returning with the empty bins, and I have featured them in several articles about viticulture.  Actually, I am genuinely fascinated by the things.

So… here you go.  The 2011 tractor pin-up, in the Douro, at Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos, I nipped into Alexandre’s seat whilst he was in the winery.  That’s barroca being unloaded, by the way, yesterday morning at the winery.

The weather has been spectacular, if hot, and the grapes and musts are looking and smelling and tasting very good.  For more details daily, please follow the Graham’s Port Blog, for which I am writing from my base at Graham’s Quinta dos Malvedos and Quinta do Tua in the heart of the Douro.

4 thoughts on “Tractor Pin-up

  1. Of all the places for you to end up – as a tractor pin up… Lovely to see you still smiling, and enjoying such a wide spread of what life has to offer.

    • Hi David! Yes, who’d have thunk it? Much happier as a wine writer in the Douro than I ever was as a professional nag in the City of London!!

    • Hi Jean! Thanks. Had to restrain myself from hopping into and checking out another one yesterday. Harvest is full of these temptations… Take care.

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