Bacalhau Update

The fish is winning.

It’s de-salted and the flesh has fluffed up into quite a thick piece down the centre.  The next step is to either poach it or freeze it.  Just one little problem…

I got the two thin side bits cut down to sizes to fit in a pan and be poached, but the main hunk of beast is hopeless.  I have no pan it will go in, and no knife that will cut it – those bones are like steel girders.  At this point, I have wrapped it up tightly and tucked it into the bottom shelf of the fridge and will cross fingers it stays in good condition till Tuesday, when I will go beg my beloved butcher for assistance reducing this thing to manageable pieces that will either fit in a pan or fit in the freezer.

Tomorrow I will use the small bits to make bacalhau com natas – cod buried in potatoes and swamped with cream.

Lesson learned:  get it cut up FIRST, in its dry salted state.

4 thoughts on “Bacalhau Update

  1. You’ve left me laughing in my chair! Maybe using scissors is the answer to cut through it. If not, I’m sure a chainsaw will work ;) LOL. Hope you’re having a great Christmas and found something to eat besides bacalhau.


  2. Doesn’t the meat pull off the bones? I thought one Emeril recipe I saw had it just pulling off the bones before he used it in something…. Good luck and I hope you like cod – looks like a lot of meals.

    • That was what I thought! Short answer: no. Not until it’s cooked. Once poached you remove bones and skin and then proceed with whatever recipe (unless you are eating it simply poached, as would be traditional for Christmas Eve supper). I was able to get the meat off the few bones on the side triangular pieces I cut off, but it’s pretty shredded, and on the main thick piece – no prayer. Trust me, I tried! It is so mangled looking now, I don’t think I could post any more photos!! Hope your Christmas baking went better than my cooking!

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