The Last of the Bacalhau

Sr Rui makes short work of the bacalhau reducing it to steaks in just a few minutes

… At least for now.  I took the monster from my fridge to the butcher’s today, and Senhor Rui reduced it to manageable steaks in a matter of moments.  They are now wrapped up in my deep freeze, to be cooked up and served forth another day.

Meanwhile, I still have the smaller pieces I cooked yesterday, so will certainly have some other bacalhau dish tonight or tomorrow to use them up.

Two more photos before and after, as much as anything because I love his cutting block – it is a slice of tree trunk set on stainless steel legs, and clearly has seen much service, it is so worn down in the centre.  This one is in the back room, there is another out front, behind the cases of meat for sale, where he works to just trim or prepare your purchases.


Moments later

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Bacalhau

    • Hi Margaret! I have easily a dozen meals’ worth of bacalhau on hand now, so … will have to make sure to use it all up before next Christmas!

  1. Long time no read and I’ve only caught up with your bacalhau adventure right now. What about coming over for a bacalhau workshop? I was in Sweden for Christmas so I missed the bacalhau-com-todos which is the Christmas Eve Special (although I’m lucky to be the only one in the family who likes roupa-velha and they’ve saved massive amounts of leftovers for me). What about coming over one of these days and I’ll show you all the way to a proper Portuguese Christmas dinner?

    • Hello Failbetter! I thought of you and your mother in law as I wrestled with this beast! Will contact you off line – I do have a lot in the freezer and could use some creative ideas!

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