Merry Christmas – Feliz Natal

Rabanadas e vinho do Porto Tawny - French toast and Tawny Port

Rabanadas e vinho do Porto Tawny – French toast and Tawny Port

Já recebi uma entrega das rabanadas frescas e ainda quentes!  Com um copo do vinho do Porto Tawny… fantastico.

I just received a delivery of fresh, still-warm rabanadas!  This is a Portuguese dessert like french toast, but better than any french toast I have ever had.  With a glass of Tawny Port – fantastic.

Bom Natal e bom ano novo a todos, de Porto!  A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from Porto!

Christmas in Porto

Feliz Natal do Porto! Merry Christmas from Porto!

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas – Feliz Natal

  1. Happy Christmas!! After the school nativity I did mulled wine and also warm spiced apple juice. For many kids the first hot drink let alone the first ‘special’ drink. It went down so well the school took the recipe and put it on again after the carol concert. As for the mulled wine I over catered but live close enough to pop home for a camping 10l water carrier – it reminded me of the french army having what look like metal fuel jerry-cans with VIN on the side. Its rather nice having a supply of it over the Christmas period rather than making from scratch each time. Lots wanted the recipe – wine, water, sugar, ginger, cinemon, sliced oranges and lemons and of course the oranges studded with cloves. Spcied apple juice the same but less spice. The wine was less than £2 a bottle from a Turkish supermarket and while thin and short of flavour very paletable. Everyone who I get to try it braces themselves for a rasping then is rather shocked at the smoothness. Does really rough wine still exist or is that so last century? Here’s to 2013!! David

    • Hello David! Sounds as if you had a Merry Christmas, and I hope the New Year continues the trend for you! Do NOT knock Turkish wine! I was in Izmir in November, and enjoyed some astonishingly good wines made from the indigenous grapes – the stuff made from international varieties is still a bit hit or miss, though when it hits it’s pretty good. Enjoy!

  2. Wow, warm rabanadas delivered at the door! This year P made splendid aletria (he made it twice, once to test out the recipe and one for Christmas, we’re still eating the leftovers of the Christmas one) and I followed the process closely. It really isn’t difficult, and is easier than leite creme. The risk that it curdles is smaller plus you don’t have to caramelize it – sprinkling with cinnamon is much simpler. In fact, I think aletria is probably one of the few Portuguese desserts that isn’t difficult to make ;-).

    Typing this as I take a break in organizing my office, inspired by your ambitions. All the best for the exit of 2012 and the entry into 2013!

    • Thanks for this Anna! I need a little inspiration myself right now – I am at that point where it is MUCH worse before it gets better – all the papers spread out on the floor so I can see what I have left and figure out how to organise it and get it all put away again. Frightening really. Leftover rabanadas warmed up for breakfast with maple syrup were a treat, by the way! Happy New Year to you and P too!

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