Falling in Love With Porto Again

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It is just over three years since I moved to Portugal and settled in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the river from Porto.  Of course, at first, I spent my days wandering the two cities and getting to know my new home, but once I started working it seems I quit exploring or even seeing the city around me.

Recently I have had more time to simply wander and fall in love again.  It may not be for everyone, but I love Porto.  Despite the overwhelming evidence of decades of neglect and the current financial crisis, there is a lot of beauty and vibrancy to be found.  In coming weeks I will try to bring you with me as I wander.

For now, a gallery of photos to give you some ideas of what is to be found.

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7 thoughts on “Falling in Love With Porto Again

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    • Hi Sandra, Portugal is one of the most under-appreciated countries in Europe – the cities and villages are charming and fascinating and the mountains and interior are breathtakingly beautiful. I continue astonished and grateful to be here.

  2. Hi there Cynthia,
    It’s so good to hear you have some leisure time to enjoy wandering. Your images beckon me to travel. May your wandering produce more surprises that delight you every day.

    • Hi Time Thief, thanks for visiting! I already have a couple ideas and texts backlogged to get published. Writing in Portuguese is still not easy for me, and I use the review and correction of my texts as a basis for my weekly lessons. And still some work to do getting the site better oriented to bi-lingualism. Thanks for the all the advice over on One Cool Site Blogging Tips, you know how I rely on your guidance in all my blogging endeavours!

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