What Next?

At the end of June I concluded my contract with Symington Family Estates.  I had already handed off the Graham’s Blog to colleagues after the 2012 Harvest to focus on the development of The Vintage Port Site.  I am very proud of the work I did on both sites, and hope they will continue to be a resource to Port lovers.  But for me, personally, it was time to move on to other projects.

Oddly, I decided to take a one week break from writing, and when I resumed, I couldn’t.  After writing so much every day for so long, I suppose the abrupt cessation was a shock, and my wrists simply froze up.  When I tried to start writing again in early July, the pain in my wrists was too great.  It’s only in the past couple weeks I have been able to write for any period of time without pain.

One of my favourite blogs is  One Cool Site Blogging Tips, which I recommend as a tremendous resource for all bloggers, new or veteran:  it provides great advice on both content and technical aspects of blogging on WordPress, as well as many updates on other developments in the social media environment.  Last week the site published a guest post of mine, about how to take good writing and turn it into good blogging – a brilliant prose stylist does not necessarily a good blogger make, even if he or she publishes on-line.  There has been some interesting response in the comment stream – take a look at Writing is Not Blogging.

Now that my wrists seem to have healed, I hope to catch up here on Wine, Woman, Travel.  It’s been frustrating to have ideas and either no time, while working on Symington projects, or no ability, while my wrists froze in pain, to write them up.

So… here’s to new beginnings.

Fresh Start

4 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. Your blog post was a nice surprise in my inbox this morning. Sorry to hear about your wrists. I’m glad they are on the mend. The guest blog was great. I confess that I’ve mostly blogged for fun and haven’t paid much attention to the technical aspects you covered. In the last year or so, I’ve been writing my next novel and haven’t blogged at all. I’m sure I’ll get back to it, and when I do, I’ll definitely refer back to your post. Best wishes for whatever you pursue next. With the wee bit I know about you, I’m sure it will be an adventure. :-)

    • There you are Margaret! I hoped you were novelizing if you weren’t blogging. I look forward to reading the next one, I really enjoyed The Benefactor. Thanks for the kind words – yes, always an adventure, occasionally more than I bargained for! Take care!

  2. Dear Cynthia,
    You are talented writer, who knows how to blog. That’s not common and I’m humbled to find that you think so highly of my blog. Allowing me to publish your guest post is such an honor. Clearly it’s destined to draw traffic for ages to come as it contains timeless advice for bloggers.

    It’s good to hear your wrists are more flexible now that you are using your keypad again. As I have arthritis I need to keep my wrists active too and I do that via writing, blogging and knitting.

    I’m raising a toast to your next adventure and wishing you all the best in all you do.

    • Thank you TimeThief! Funny, I suppose I should have guessed you would be a knitter too! It was a rotten few weeks when I could neither write nor knit, so I am grateful that things have healed. Thank you for your support and kind wishes.

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