Cynthia Jenson of Wine, Woman, TravelRemember when you were a child how enchanted you were by the stories read aloud to you at bedtime?

Would you like your readers to be just as fascinated and attentive when they read your blog, website or written materials?

Where you see a day to day routine of work in the vineyards and winery, or running a food or tourism enterprise, I can see stories that readers around the world would enjoy, because you are living their dreams. Let’s tell them those stories.

Like a modern Sheherazade I can tell the tales of your work, your products, your values and your firm in a way that will captivate readers. If you already have Portuguese texts, I can translate them into idiomatic English that does justice to your story, products and business. Readers will return to your blog or site when they want a virtual escape, and when they find your wines or products in the shop, they will remember your name, remember the pleasure they take in reading about you and your work, and buy your product. It works.

Here’s how I can help you bring those stories to the public:

  • Writing or contributing to your firm’s blog or any on-line or print text materials
  • Translating your Portuguese texts into well written and idiomatic English
  • Reviewing your site or blog and offering an assessment of its appeal to readers, and tactical steps needed to improve the site design, flow, and content
  • Coaching you and your team on writing and story telling
  • Developing and implementing strategy and tactics for raising readership for your blog or site

Why work with me?

  • As a free-lancer, I am flexible – I can engage in a project as deeply as needed, for as long as needed
  • I live and work here in Portugal, based in Vila Nova de Gaia
  • My work is proven – see my Portfolio page for links to my professional projects
  • I have worked two harvests in Burgundy cutting grapes myself, as well as living and working as a writer in the Douro for three harvests
  • Completed with Distinction the WSET’s Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits
  • I haven’t always been involved with wine or with writing as a full-time profession, so my perspectives, resources and skill set are wider than those of many career writers: writing, of course, but also analysis, planning, training, communication for all kinds of purposes through various media, and I can imagine and plan strategically and still pay meticulous attention to detail
  • During 25 years in the financial services industry I worked in a wide range of roles including trading commodity futures and cash market fixed income, designing and delivering both technical and soft skill training, designing and managing a budget and forecast system, and planning and managing projects on both the business and technology sides of international banking

Now tell me about your ideas and needs, and let’s see how we can engage the public with your products or services.

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